Partners Partners


Qyte is continuously looking for new partners, in order to further improve RayQ as a
product and to provide optimal service offerings to our customers.

Our Distribution Partners are offering RayQ as part of their solution portfolio to their
customers, potentially combining RayQ with their solution to provide an integrated offering.

Our Service Partners leverage RayQ to offer specialized (data or analysis) services or
consulting services to their customers. They are combining the technological advantages of
RayQ with their unique industry know-how to generate value for their customers.

Jointly with our Development Partners we design and implement highly optimized interfaces
to existing or new CRM-, ERP- and Data Warehouse solutions. Jointly we explore new
hardware and software solutions to the advantage of our customers. These partnerships
allow all involved parties to exploit new technological concepts at an early stage to create
customer value.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us via eMail or just give us a call.