Qyte has a multitude of customers in very different industries. The common denominator
of all out customers is, that they have a huge amount of data, describing their business.
They and have been looking for a possibility to leverage this data in an easy and flexible
way in order to maximize revenues of their respective companies.

Traditionally Qyte has its roots in the area of:

Stock Exchanges, Market Operators and Market Supervision /Market Surveillance
where a huge amount of transaction data has to be analyzed in near real-time to
identify potentially fraudulent patterns.

Health Insurance and Pharmaceutical Companies where huge amounts of
distributed data have to be consolidated and complex patterns have to be 
identified to on one hand detect potentially fraud scenarios and on the other
hand find the potential for new products or new optimum therapies.

In addition Qyte successfully conducted many projects and pilots with Banks, Financial
Service Providers, Insurance Companies, Logistic Companies, Retail Chains and
Producing Industries.

Overall our customers are corporations, bodies and agencies, which wish to:

consolidate huge, mostly distributed data sources for analysis purposes without 
a major IT-effort,

validate the consistency of existing reference and transaction data,

detect complex patterns in their data, in order to e.g.:
prevent fraud,

optimize production processes, service offerings or products,
target their customers with customized marketing. 

Have a future prove and flexible solution to be empowered to analyze their data
continuously with regard to new questions which are not yet known without new

We are happy to conduct a prove of concept or a pilot with any new potential
customer to demonstrate which currently unused value is embedded in the data.
We strongly believe that a joint analysis of the customer's data tells more than
any marketing effort can. Most of our current customers were able to derive a
strong business case for the acquisition of RayQ or the tasking of Qyte with more
detailed analysis from the initial analysis.