Service Offering

Service Offering

Qyte empowers its clients to use their data in the
complex and fast moving economic environment in a
highly optimized way. The companies data basis –
consolidated and made easily accessible by RayQ –
supports the decision makers to monitor processes in
near real time and address errors and risk on a timely
basis (run the business).

The same data – potentially enriched from other
sources, empowers the client to taken entrepreneurial
decisions (manage the business) and to identify or
design new products and services meeting the needs
of their customers (grow the business).





Software Development & Customizing

Qyte focuses on the development and maintenance of the innovative analytical RayQ software. In addition Qyte develops tools and interfaces, which allow data to be analyzed easily, quickly and potentially automated with RayQ.

Data Mining & Business Intelligence

Qyte implements data mining and business intelligence infrastructures for its clients, offers industry solutions and trains business experts in order to empower its clients to use their own data in a optimum way.

Digital Fraud Prevention & Detection

Qyte implements solutions for health insurance and property insurance companies, for banks, financial service providers and operators of market infrastructures (Stock and Derivatives Exchanges, MTFs). Generally speaking Qyte serves clients characterized by high volume transaction business, which require fraud detection, fraud prevention and dispute analysis on a near to real time basis to run their business efficiently.

Retail Intelligence

Qyte implements business intelligence infrastructures, which empower its clients to e.g. optimize target customer group selection by analyzing transaction data or to classify customers into risk categories.

Consulting Services

Qyte advises its client on the design, implementation and operations of business intelligence infrastructures, of database architecture. In addition Qyte conducts data analysis and data based studies on behalf of its customers.