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Data Mining & Business Intelligence



Data Mining is commonly defined as the analysis of data for relationships and
patterns that have not previously been discovered by applying statistical and
mathematical methods. Business intelligence (BI) describes processes and
procedures for systematically gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access
to data to help enterprises in making better operative and strategic business
decisions. BI applications include the activities of decision support systems,
management information systems, query and reporting, online analytical
processing (OLAP), statistical analysis, forecasting, and data mining.

Qyte is specialized in consolidating available data – which is currently distributed
in multiple IT applications and databases – and to thereby make available the
full spectrum of data for analysis purposes. This is achieved by providing
our clients with the RayQ analytical framework, which empowers business units
to conduct complex analysis easily and without additional IT-effort. RayQ's main
feature is user friendliness and therefore allows business experts to easily define
automated standard analysis as well as complex one-time analysis. RayQ allows
the user to store and manage its analysis in projects, which allows each user to
easily create a suite of analysis over time.

Our clients use RayQ for a broad range of purposes, including but not limited to
controlling, reporting, database-marketing, predictive behavioral targeting,
scoring, analytical CRM, churn prevention, up-selling, cross-selling, customer value
analysis, champagne management, pricing etc.

Qyte supports its clients when setting-up data warehouses, when designing
BI-architectures, when changing the IT strategy regarding data management as
well as in all activities related to data quality management (data veracity, data
profiling, data cleansing, data integration, data migration).