Service Offering Digital Fraud Prevention & Detection

Digital Fraud Prevention & Detection



Fraud Prevention Management commonly describes all strategies to prevent
(economic) loss or (reputation) damage from any form of fraud behavior and is
often seen as part of the overall risk management. Given that enterprises in an
economy characterized by division of labor and globalization have to manage a
multitude of relationships with suppliers, customers, subsidiaries and employees
in multiple locations they require data mining solutions, which allow to identify
potential fraud behavior patterns out of a huge, distributed data basis.

Qyte successfully implemented solutions for health insurance and property
insurance companies, for banks, financial service providers and operators of
market infrastructures (stock and derivatives exchanges, MTFs). Generally
speaking Qyte sucesfully serves clients characterized by high volume transaction
business, which require fraud detection, fraud prevention and dispute resolution on
a near to real time basis to run their business efficiently. Our solutions comprise
the provision of standard analysis in the context of anti-fraud management,
ascertainment of loss, discovery and the possibility to conduct special audits.
RayQ supports an unguided analysis of mass data, allowing to detect complex
patterns. This empowers market supervisors, internal auditing or corporate risk
management to quickly and efficiently identify potentially fraudulent patterns of

Qyte supports its customers in documenting (Forensic Services), reconnoiter and
prevent economic crime. Thereby Qyte provides an easily in money quantifiable
contribution to the loss prevention management of our clients.