Service Offering Retail Intelligence

Retail Intelligence



Retail Intelligence leverages methods and tools provided by Business
Intelligence in order to detect pattern in customer behavior, in order to
recognize trends in an early stage, in order to make profitability of individual
products or customer segments transparent as well as in order to measure
the efficiency of marketing campaigns or customer retention programs.

Analytical Customer Relationship Management (aCRM) comprises the analysis
of behavioral patterns of consumers to tailor product development, the
design of marketing campaigns, the definition of customer retention
programs to the needs of individual customers or groups of customers.

Qyte has successfully conducted different projects in the context of
Customer Data Management: This includes the optimization of target group
selection for call-centers, the transaction data analysis of retail chains, the
classification of customer risk groups for banks and insurance companies. In
addition Qyte implemented successfully technical business intelligence
infrastructures, which allow for a data-based Disease Management in the
health care industry.